Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Ghost of Christmas Past, Part Two

Possibly boring, but here's another blast from the past, me and the family, circa 1953.

In this picture my Mom was almost 33, Dad was 39 and my sister was almost eight. I was eighteen months old and who knows how old Spotty was....the poor dear was born old, but she was the sweetest thing ever.

In six weeks time, my parents would move into the only house I remember living in and eight weeks after Christmas Day, my baby sister was born. Lots happening back in the day!


Susan said...

Jan, I love both pics! How wonderful that you have these. I didn't realize that you were almost 5 years younger than I. I tend to think everyone is the same age - mine! LOL!

Hedgehog said...

You're so lucky to have these!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Spotty looks like a Springer Spaniel! Our favorite dog! If we ever get another dog, no more of these cockers; it will be a black and white springer, preferrably with freckles.

The Carolina Quilter said...

How beautiful! What a great card and what cherished memories. Thank you for sharing this.