Thursday, December 14, 2006


Here is 1955.

I'm on the left side with my beat up dolly. The bed was my grandmother's and this picture was taken upstairs in the room that became my bedroom when I was 12 until I got married at 19.

Today was the joint board meeting for our guild, held here. At this meeting, the past years' officers get together for lunch with the upcoming slate of officers to plan the next year and pass the baton.

Since many of the jobs just shuffle from person to person, most of the attendees are the same with a few new faces. We had a great time and got to wish each other a Happy Holiday season in a smaller, more intimate venue.

Now, back to quilting!!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Pray tell WHAT you are quilting???

Susan said...

You were such a little cutie. Didn't they love you enough to give you two names? LOL! What a happy family you look.

Tazzie said...

I love all these cards you're showing us, just lovely memories. You look so cute! Ditto ... what are you working on?

Karrin Hurd said...

I sure love seeing these cards Jan.Thanks so much for sharing!