Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Little Bit of Sewing...

It has been a busy couple of weeks what with volunteering in our state assemblywoman's re-election office and nurturing my hubby post-op, but I have managed a bit of sewing.

I've been working on Sew-A-Rows again, two for day guild (Santa Rosa Quilt Guild), and two for night guild (Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County).

First is a Christmassy Angel project and I just had to answer the "flying angel cats" with some flying angel schnauzers. This project has one more row to go for completion. It is a day guild project.

Next comes the "Patriotic Flutterbye" for the night guild. My row is the bottom and final row. The drawing for this will be sometime in the fall as it is due on September 6.

And finally, the Kitschy Kitchen quilt with some cute machine embroidery redwork by Joanie and Pat with X's by Phyllis. I added the checkerboard row and it has one row to go before the winner is drawn in December.

I have another to work on, and it is ginourmous, having started as a 12" block that was set on point and had several large borders added. I've been procrastinating on it, but need to get going as the deadline for that one is also Sept. 6th.

It looks like I'll be taking over the organization of the Sew-A-Row program for day guild (Santa Rosa Quilt Guild) in 2007 as Phyllis, our current coordinator is going to be Program Chair, a job she has done in the past (and is very, very good at) and she didn't feel she could devote the proper time to the Sew-A-Rows. Should be fun and I'll get to see them all FIRST!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

These were nice to look at. I especially like the redwork one. I've not indulged in redwork. Yet.

Anonymous said...

The angel schauzers are too cute! Doggies deserve equal time :-)

Kathy B

Susan said...

Well, they are all just fun quilts! I don't know which one I like best - the patriotic looking one maybe? I've been spending too much time with red, white and blue, I guess. =) The redwork is cute!

Karrin Hurd said...

I like all three, especially the RWB and the red one, they are wonderful!

Lynne said...

Flying angel schnauzers! I love it. :D

Elaine Adair said...

Love the Row by Row, and especiall, the flying Schnauzers!

Elaine Adair