Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Coupla Good Reads

What with all of my traveling, I've been catching up on my reading and also thanks to the 7 day limit for new books at Sonoma County Library, I've been doing it fast. =)

Last week, I read Bebe Moore Campbell's 72 Hour Hold, about an L.A. woman's struggles with her coming-of-age daughter, a brittle bipolar/borderline. Anyone with a smidge of an interest in mental illnesses will enjoy this sad yet uplifting story of a mother and daughter's journey.

Even better is John Twelve Hawks' The Traveler a sci-fi/conspiracy/good v. evil story better summed up by the Barnes and Noble link. This is the first book in a series by Twelve Hawks, who "lives off the grid," and I can't wait for number two. If you think the government has it's fingers in too much of our personal business, this book is for you. The notion that we are all watched all the time is enough to send us all off the grid.

I'm going to read a non-library book from my embarassingly large stash next, possibly A.S.Byatt's Possession, but perhaps not. Some of my books from the to-read queue are trapped in my bedside dresser and that is trapped in the master bath while the hardwood floors get finished. They won't be free until the end of the week and this book slut can't possibly go that long without a book. Impossible.

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Beth Danae said...

Sonoma wine is pretty good.. I like most california reds :)