Saturday, July 03, 2010

Long Time No Blog

It seems like forever since I blogged, and it pretty much has been. Sometimes your star points just don't match up.

In January, I became President of the quilt guild and within 10 weeks, we had to put together a tri-guild luncheon for the three local quilt guilds. The learning curve has been steep, dealing with the various and sundry personalities of different members pretty much tapped out my creative energy during the first half of the year. I have my "sea legs" now and have agreed to do a second year, with hopefully fewer hassles and stress. After all, we're supposed to be there to have fun, aren't we?

I'm also looking forward to more quilting time!


Marge said...

Welcome back, I'm glad to see your blog again. Have been watching for you. Good luck with your presidency and have a happy guild.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

She's BAAAAACK! Hooray!

(And where'd you get that picture of my block?????)

quiltmom said...

Welcome back Jan,
I am sure you are doing a wonderful job on behalf of your quilt guild.
Hope you get to do some quilting too- it sounds like you have had a very busy time this spring.
Happy quilting.

Sherry said...

Welcome back, I had been hoping you were just very busy.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I've stood in those shoes, personalities and politics will keep you dancing~ ;) Best wishes for smoother sailing from here on in.

Diane said...

Jan, I haven't been able to get to guild in ages, but I was very impressed at your willingness (and stamina!) to go another year as president. I hear folks raving about how beautifully you are leading. I hope you are finding it fun and rewarding.