Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stashbusting With Judy

OK, I took the pledge--New Year's Resolution #1: I'm stashbusting for 2009 with Judy.

I started yesterday by tackling one side of the fabric storage closet. I took all of the fabric pictured at right out of the large plastic container that you can barely see at the bottom of the picture. It now contains a quilt that is in the process of being machine quilted by me. I'm avoiding it because I'm a serious novice at machine quilting.

The other items are:

A. Several flimsies and their backings. The two you can see are a 1930's Christmas quilt from a kit I bought in Maine in 2007. The other is a "Just Can't Cut It" made from the most gorgeous Autumn fabric with rusts and blacks. I'm going to see if my Sistah Becky wants to have them on hand to quilt at her leisure. That way they are outta here.

B. Stack-O-Fabric. Since my husband reads this blog, I can tell you that it represents my entire stash (multiply as desired)....LOL.

C. Is a beautiful line called Scarlet Night that my Sistah Kathy and I both bought after we went to Linda Ballard's retreat in Trinidad in 2007. Linda made our mystery quilt out of this fabric and we had to have it. Perhaps she and I need to challenge each other this year to finish the tops?

While we're making resolutions, I've also joined May Britt and Kris's challenge to finish one project a month in 2009. Sounds do-able and will help clear those UFO's out!

Why don't you visit their blogs and check it out and join the fun--all you have to lose is your stash and UFOs.

Ten days until I fly to Ontario to meet my Sistahs for Road to California, so I need to fondle the fabrics big time to prevent my feeling the need to buy more. Especially since we will be visiting M & L fabrics again.



Anonymous said...

Okay, bring 'em with you to Road and I'll take tham home with me. But I have to warn you it's not gonna be fast...

Here's a confession for you - I went to M & L fabrics on friday when I went down to Long Beach to pick up Matthew at the airport. I wasn't going to go, but when i looked at the map I had to. It's a straight shot down the road from the airport. Not even any turns to make LOL.

Can't wait to see you :-)

Sistah Becky

Juliann in WA said...

I love it when the new year rolls around and we begin to dig out those piles and projects. And it really helps to know we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am ready for the red and black challenge :-)) Are we going to use LB's pattern or pick one of our choice?
Can't wait for Road!
Kathy B

Anonymous said...

I do. I do! I LOVE Quiltville. I have just spent hours on Bonnie Hunter's site and it is now at the top of my favorites list. My question of what to do with all those scraps have been answered, and I absolutely love the Leader/Ender concept. Thanks for turning me on to yet another great site.
~Linda H.