Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Little Eye Candy

Since I haven't been sewing too much this week, I submit to you a few of the 2007 Sew-A-Rows that have been turned in. We will select the winner at our last meeting of the year next Thursday.

At the right, we have our Polarscape, started with the wonderful polar bears by Linda and finished with Inuits, Penguins, a walrus and the northern lights. It is one of my favorites. Linda designed and painted the Art Quilt for our guild and she is a wonderful artist. (See link to SR Quilt Guild at left).

The quilt at the left started with the sailboats and turned into a "By the Seaside" top. Very creative.

This was my first year as Sew-A-Row coordinator, taking the job from Phyllis, who was our programs coordinator for 2007 and while she's a whiz, she can only do so much....a girl's gotta sleep sometime. She let me keep it because she's taken over the job of being the organizer of the Moonlight Quilt Guild's annual quilt show and that ought to keep her busy for a while.

Finally, here is Moon Over the Mountain and Kathy just turned this one in today. It started with Justine's Moon Over the Mountain blocks and has progressed very nicely.

More tops tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a couple of the starter rows for 2008. Doris turned in these darling Victorian ladies with a fabulous Civil War reproduction border.

Sharon, the amazing Librarian of our guild made these adorable paper pieced Red Hats and included some great paper-pieced shoes and handbags as possible additions. Today she gave me some great lavender fabric with red hats to go-with.

More fun tomorrow!


Quilt Pixie said...

what a great selection of fun "theme" quilts... Must admit those hats as a starter row next year look like a lot of fun

Su Bee said...

Love the hats! Did I see those polar bears in Lynns sewing room? Those are so fun!!

Susan said...

What fun! I really do like the one that turned into an ocean beach. How clever! All of them are creative, and I bet next year will be just as much fun!

Tazzie said...

I love the quilts Jan, I've never made a row by row before, but seeing these ones makes me want to make one up!
Have a wonderful day.

Nancy said...

I'm with Tazzie! They are wonderful and I'd LOVE to do that sometime . . . . .


Kathy B said...

Wow, these are all wonderful row by rows! Your pink and black hearts will be a great start to a new row project, too.

Kathy B

Eve said...

The hats are sweet!