Sunday, September 16, 2007

My boys came to visit....

....and we even let Mommy come too.

We had a great time visiting and Benjamin even had the dogs under control which is something his Nana has yet to accomplish.

We did fun things like watering plants, feeding the dogs, feeding the fish, making and eating guacamole, frosting a cake and going out to breakfast with Aunties Sarah and Kristin.

Alex is growing like a weed and is a chatty little thing, too. By the time he comes back at Christmas, I'll bet he's crawling.

Benjamin's vocabulary astounds me and he is one little parrot. We have to be very, very careful what we say around him these days.

It was so great of Kate to make the drive up and bring these wonderful boys up to see Nana and Pop.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Such sweet boys, both just getting cuter and cuter. Nana looks pretty swell, too :-)

Auntie Kathy

Nancy said...

Excellent pictures. You look radiant.

and you sound like Mrs. Goodneedle!

Not Lucy said...

Grandkids are the best thing ever!

Su Bee said...

What a happy Gramma!!! There's just nothing better, huh? What a couple of heart stealers!

BookGal said...

What cutie pies!