Saturday, November 04, 2006

Just Peachy!

Thanks to Kim at Peach Quilting for adding me to the Quilting For Pleasure blog ring. I'm among some great quilters here and also some of my long-time online pals like Desertsky and Nancy, NP.

On the quilting front, I just finished a panel quilt for my daughter Kate's good friend Christina, who recently home-birthed her third child, a 10 1/2 pound boy. (ouch) I made quilts for her two older children, but since Kate made me a quilt last year I thought she might want to do this one herself, so I bought her a "Good Ship Noah" panel by J. Wecker-Frisch and the go-withs. As time went by, Kate got pregnant herself and was not feeling too swift (still isn't at 16 weeks!). I took the materials and made the quilt, finishing just in time to leave it with her on my recent visit.

It was fun, and I got to practice my free-motion quilting skills, which definitely need some practice!!


floribunda said...

welcome to the ring! the Noah quilt is adorable and I'm sure the baby will love it.

Melzie said...

I love Noah's ark :) Welcome! xoxo melzie

Susan said...

What a cute quilt, Jan! Welcome to the ring. =) Lots of good, new friends waiting for you here, too!