Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hotter Than Hell

Unless you don't read the paper or watch the news, you know that California has been caught in the grip of a terrible heat wave.

We've had a few days of weather over the century mark with little night-time cooling. This, for a place where the normal high in the month of July is 82. The good thing is that we are not in the San Joaquin Valley--Stockton, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield--they are suffering over 110 degree temps. Our daughter in Fresno reports that even with her thermostat set at 77 and a house surrounded by large, old trees, the A/C is cranking 24/7 and can't achieve the 77. Ick.

In such temps, it is hard to get too worked up over blogging or much else.

The Sonoma County Fair started today and runs for two weeks. Hubby's Mom and her hubby will be here with some of his old IBM buddies for wine-tasting and horse racing. It should be a great good time and hopefully the weather will chill down a bit.

On the happy side, the Camry Hybrid arrived Friday and it is a dream!! More about that tomorrow.


Susan said...

Oh, I'll be interested in what you think of the Camry!

Yes, the news makes it sound as if Californians are *wishing* the state would fall into the ocean, just to cool off!

When I visit Fran next week, we may run over to B-field for a day for some stuff I want to do. Haven't been there since . . . last fall? I think it was, on the way to PIQF. Yeah, I hope it cools down, too. =)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Eeek! I thought it was hot here NP!