Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Sew A Row

Another Sew-A-Row done, this one for Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County. I'm not a hugely active member, but my pal Phyllis from SRQG is and I love the Sew-A-Row program she started for us like the Moonlighter's, so I decided to participate.

I'll be gone in mid-June when this one is due so I finished my row early and handed it in today. My row is the starry sky. At the end of the year, I'll have a chance with the other participants to win this one.

Day guild (SRQG) met today and our speaker Diane Leighton's topic was "Finding More Time To Quilt," always an important thing for quilters. She suggested listing all of those UFOs, WIPs and PIGS on a separate sheet of paper--little does she know that uber-smart Fat Quarter members Nancy, NP (link above) and Moira have gone high-tech and are doing it on Excel spreadsheets. She suggested rating each project with an A, B or C rating with the C's being those projects one would bring and offer up on the guild's silent auction table. An example might be class projects for techniques that we just don't like. You tried, it wasn't your thing and now it is "finished" if only for the knowledge that it isn't a technique you will ever waste time on again. For "A" projects a note of what needs to be done to finish it will help hasten its completion. Finally, she suggested a shopping list of items needed to finish those projects in process for taking to quilt shows. Now there is a novel idea--rather than recreational shopping, planned shopping. Wow. Food for thought......


Anonymous said...

Another great sew a row! These look really fun.

Planned shopping??? Hmmm, doesn't sound like as much fun as recreational shopping :-)

Kathy B

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I've not hearad of the Sew A Row concept before but I love your project. AND, I have a little list of items I need at LQS to make progress on the current couple of WIPS. Heading out there tomorrow; it will be interesting to see if I can limit the shopping to the list!