Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Its Billy / Willie Day

Today, January 11th is what we call Billy/Willie Day in honor of Mike's father Bill who passed away on this day and my mother Wilma (Willie) who was born on this day.

William Leroy Andrews was born March 10, 1928 in Waukena, CA to Roy and Hazel Andrews. He was the second child and first son. A talented athlete, he was the star of Corcoran High School for two years before the family moved to Visalia and then became a star athlete at Visalia Union High School. After High School, he entered the Navy and after his discharge married his sweetheart Daisy Pryor in 1950. He was called back into the Navy during the Korean War. He worked for Pacific Telephone, advancing from lineman to supervisor to chief engineer, and in his spare time, loved to have a good time and watch sports on TV. He had two children, Chris and Mike and three grandchildren, Sarah Andrews, Scott Andrews and Stephen Day. He is pictured at the right with Stephen who is days old and this picture was taken several days before his untimely death of a heart attack on January 11, 1984 at the age of 55.

Wilma Aileen Jones was born on January 11, 1920 in Sparks, Nevada to Everett and Emma Jones. She was their only child. Mom was the belle of Sparks High School and her sorority at the University of Nevada where she joined the newspaper staff as a requirement of her sorority. She immediately fell for the editor, my father John Brackett (pictured with her at the right, 1986) and thus began a romance that lasted until her death of emphysema on March 31, 1993. They had three daughters, Jonelle, Jan and Jo and seven grandchildren, John, Mindy, Rachel, Kate, Daniel, Jessica and Rachel. Willie lived to meet one of her great-grandchildren, Cristina. Mom could usually be found with a pair of knitting needles in her hand and we all enjoyed the bounty of her talents.

So, on this day we drink a toast to our
parents--they certainly would approve of that!

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Lynne said...

Their greatest legacy would seem to be in the quality of offspring they produced. :)